Motor Satring Panels

There are many ways to control the starting of motor depending on the size of the motor and the starting conditions.

Direct online:
  • The Simplest way to start motor.
  • The least expensive method of starting.
  • Very high starting current.
Star / Delta:
  • Small starting current compared to direct online method.
  • Low starting torque.
Soft Starter:
  • Low starting current.
  • Motor starting is soft and smooth.
  • Protection against phase loss, over current and over heating.
Variable Frequency Drive (V.F.D):
  • Can control motor frequency
  • Can control how the motor stops
  • Control motor acceleration and deceleration
  • Various control techniques (potentiometer, 0-10v ,digital inputs)
  • Low starting current
  • Communicate with other control devices like HMI and PLC